L&T Technology Services Limited & UTC Commercial Businesses establish innovation lab for intelligent buildings, connected homes and cold chain logistics
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Bengaluru, India – L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading global pure-play engineering R&D services company, and UTC Climate, Controls & Security and Otis, units of United Technologies Corp., have announced a strategic collaboration to create an innovation laboratory focused on integrated buildings, smart homes and cold chain technologies. The lab will be located at LTTS’ Bengaluru campus, with support from the UTC business units.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance our Internet of Things commitment together. The intent is to explore innovative ways to contribute to our product roadmap for buildings, homes and the cold chain. We have begun work on some core projects and intend to bring them to fruition in the coming year,” said Mary Lombardo, Vice President, engineering innovation & research, UTC Climate, Controls & Security and Otis.

The lab will conduct intelligent buildings work in the area of adaptive climate and environmental controls designed to save energy and money, as well as positively impact workforce productivity. Engineers will also develop real-time analytics to measure key elevator performance metrics.

Innovations in connected homes will focus on innovative sensors and sensor integration that builds on the current home automation initiative and provides additional relevant and accurate information to users to gain insights on health, comfort, cost and energy usage, safety and security.

The third focus area is in cold chain technology. The intent is to ensure freshness of products in the cold chain from “farm to fork” using next generation sensors and analytics to predict and control the ripening of fresh produce, meats and other assets that require tight control. 

Dr. Keshab Panda, CEO and Managing Director, L&T Technology Services Limited said: “We are very excited to put our expertise in sensor technologies, analytics and smart buildings to work for UTC’s commercial businesses. At L&T Technology Services, our combined domain and engineering expertise helps innovate IoT solutions that really matter. What makes us successful is our ability to think out of the box and constantly experiment with new technologies.”

The collaboration between UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Otis and LTTS began in 2005.