Istanbul New Airport set to become the world’s largest when completed
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Oslo, Norway – In 2013, Nordic – Office of Architecture partnered with Grimshaw Architects and Haptic in London to win the contract for Istanbul New Airport. Set to be the world’s largest when its final phase is complete, the design effort harnessed the skills of a team spread across three countries.

Based on the Black Sea coast, some 35 km outside of Istanbul, the ambitious six-runway development will be delivered in four phases. The first phase will open in 2018 and aims to serve 90 million passengers per year. This will increase to over 150 million passengers per annum when the last phase is completed.

The Cengiz-Kolin- Limak-Mapa- Kalyon Consortium has the concession to build, operate and transfer the airport project. The construction of Terminal 1 started in 2015 with a projected completion in 2018.

The airport is designed as an exhilarating point of entry to this dynamic metropolis and a celebration of Istanbul’s unrivalled position at the crossroads of east and west. The scale and ambition of the architecture reflect confidence in the country, in its energetic young population and in its potential for continued growth. The vaulted roof structure serves both to unify the buildings parts and as an intuitive orientation feature. Circular roof openings focus halos of sunlight on the ground, serving both to ease wayfinding and to draw attention to key moments in the traveller’s journey. This gives the airport a clear identity, strongly rooted in its place, subtly recalling the city’s rich and diverse vernacular architecture.

The concept design for the Terminal and Landside area was submitted in December 2013. It includes a 1,300,000 square metres terminal building and 25,000 underground parking spaces as well as hotels and conference facilities. The team has provided design services in the development of ‘visual design intent’ for key roof and cladding systems, as well as design concepts for apron control towers.