Mapei presents its new Coloured Grouts range at Cersaie 2016
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Bologna, Italy – Mapei is the first company in this sector to use sophisticated 3D imaging to study and develop the colours for its Coloured Grouts range in combination with the latest trends in tile design.

This cutting-edge research has led to the creation of a new colour chart with 50 new shades for grouts and sealants, which are also available in a transparent version. 

Mapei launched the new coloured grouts at Cersaie 2016.

The range is available for the following products:
- Ultracolor Plus
- Keracolor SF
- Keracolor FF
- Keracolor GG
- Keracolor PPN
- Flexcolor
- Kerapoxy
- Kerapoxy CQ
- Kerapoxy IEG
- Kerapoxy P
- Kerapoxy Design
- MapeGlitter
- Fix & Grout Brick
- Mapesil AC
- Mapesil LM
- Fuga Fresca

The colours are also divided into five different collections: Serene, Traditional, Natural, Romance and Glamour. Mapei’s aim is to make it easier to choose the right grout according to the requirements of each particular project and the personal preferences of each client

To help display the new Coloured Grout lines, Mapei has updated the presentation folders with samples of the colours on offer, with special dedicated versions available for the world of design and for the world of retail: the first folder contains a collection of the colours available for its products Ultracolor Plus, Kerapoxy, Keracolor and Flexcolor, the second folder contains the colours for Kerapoxy CQ while the third folder contains those for Kerapoxy Design.

All the colours for all the products are also contained in a special colour chart and in a dedicated leaflet. 

This really is a complete range, the only one of its kind on the market for the vastness of its range of products and the wide choice of colours. A range that meets every requirement in tile laying, whatever the surroundings, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. 

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