PPG support helps SOLS 24/7 Malaysia establish Solar Lab in Kuala Lumpur
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – PPG helped celebrate the opening of a solar laboratory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, established by humanitarian organization SOLS 24/7 Malaysia. PPG contributed $50,000 to help SOLS 24/7 Malaysia outfit the new solar lab with cutting-edge equipment to train local underserved students through the Solar Academy programme. 

The Solar Academy offers Malaysian youth free education and training in the practice and theory of solar energy to encourage their social empowerment. With its new Solar Lab, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia aims to provide a well-equipped, safe, positive, innovative and creative learning environment that will help over 100 underserved students participating in the Solar Academy annually to develop skills and knowledge vital to their future success.

“Thanks to PPG’s support of the Solar Lab, our students can finally apply abstract theories they learn in the classroom to installing actual live solar-energy systems, facilitating a holistic and interactive educational approach,” said Raj Ridvan Singh, SOLS 24/7 Malaysia director and CEO.

The Solar Lab is outfitted with an array of live off-grid, hybrid and grid-tied photovoltaic solar power systems. It also includes an advanced EL (electroluminescence) test that functions like a solar panel X-ray machine, as well as solar water heaters and a solar-powered air conditioner.
“The Solar Lab and the Solar Academy not only offer students access to a promising future in the sustainable energy industry, but they also enable the students’ personal empowerment and development,” said Scott Follett, PPG general manager, Southeast Asia. “PPG is proud to be part of this initiative. We are committed to ensuring that students around the world gain the skills and knowledge needed to become tomorrow’s innovators and help improve society. This is a great program, and we wish SOLS 24/7 and the students every success,” added Scott.