Singapore’s Furniture Industry Champions Sustainability, Highlighting Leadership in Sustainable Urban Living Solutions
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Singapore’s furniture industry is demonstrating its growing leadership in sustainable urban living solutions. The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) actively encourages its members to push boundaries in sustainable design, empowering them to become market leaders in this key area.

“Our role goes beyond simply showcasing new innovative products; it is about empowering Singaporean companies to become market leaders in this critical area. We recognise the increasing importance of sustainability standards and practices within the industry and the need to balance it with commercial viability," said Mr. Phua Boon Huat, SFIC President and Chairman of SFIC’s Sustainability Taskforce.

Singapore Pavilion Showcases Green Innovation

At the recent Archidex Malaysia 2024, 18 companies from Singapore’s furniture industry showcased innovative and sustainable furniture solutions. The Singapore Pavilion is organised by SFIC with support from Enterprise Singapore for the seventh year running.

Minister for National Development Desmond Lee visited the Singapore Pavilion during the Archidex Malaysia 2024 opening ceremony on 3 July 2024, touring select booths that exemplified Singapore’s commitment to sustainable urban living solutions. Some showcased products with sustainable components include:

Sustainable Materials:

- Calvary Carpentry’s Ez Rail Removable Decking System utilises Accoya, a sustainable wood, for extended lifespan and easier maintenance.

- Commune Lifestyle Pte Ltd champions eco-conscious furniture made from premium, sustainably sourced wood and timber from the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Their focus is on creating furniture that fosters meaningful experiences while minimising environmental impact.

Resource Efficiency:

- Wallhub’s Bambos Wall Panels offer a versatile and eco-friendly alternative made from fast-growing bamboo, reducing reliance on traditional wood.

- Admira’s Artistic Panel on Demand (APOD) offers a revolutionary solution for personalised and sustainable design. APOD eliminates minimum order quantities and size restrictions, reducing material waste.

Low-Maintenance Greenery:

- Vertical Green’s HyGroPreserve collection extends the lifespan of natural elements through preserved moss and foliage, catering to the demand for low-maintenance urban greenery.

Design for Disassembly:

- EDL’s Module wall cladding materials create a modular and adaptable wall system, minimising the need for future renovations or replacements.

“We are honoured to have had Minister Desmond Lee visit the Singapore Pavilion and witness firsthand the sustainable innovations our members are bringing to the market. His support reinforces our commitment to driving sustainability in the architectural, built environment and spatial design sectors,” said Mr. Phua. “I am encouraged by the 18 industry champions that are showcasing here and look forward to more impactful solutions from the industry,” he added.

Singapore: A Leader in Sustainable Urban Living

Building on this momentum, SFIC will launch the SFIC Sustainability Mark initiative later this year. This initiative recognises and promotes companies excelling in sustainable practices, aligning with one of Singapore Green Plan 2030’s key pillars to seek green growth to transform our industries and harness sustainability as a competitive advantage.

In addition, SFIC will be holding our 2nd Sustainability Summit later in the year, with the objective to empower Singapore as a leader in sustainable urban living solutions. The summit will equip companies to navigate the opportunities and challenges of sustainability, fostering global collaboration and inspiring industry roadmaps for sustainable practices.

The Sustainability Mark and Summit solidify Singapore’s position as a frontrunner in sustainable design and living. SFIC remains committed to driving future initiatives that propel Singapore to the forefront of sustainable urban living solutions.