Space Matrix Boldly Reimagines Its Brand Identity for a New Era of Workplace Design
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Delhi NCR, India – After 23 years of shaping the future of work through transformative design solutions, Space Matrix, a leading global workplace design and build powerhouse, unveiled its dynamic new brand identity that reflects its journey of evolution as a leader in the industry and showcasing its unwavering commitment to shaping the landscape of workspace design.

Space Matrix’s rebranding signifies a bold step towards the future. At the heart of this transition lies a new logo, featuring a dynamic and cohesive cube as its central icon, a simple yet powerful symbol that embodies Space Matrix’s values. This vibrant new identity embodies their core essence and vision, with a focus on a “younger, bolder aesthetic,” designed for a digital-first world.

As we’ve grown, so has our vision says Arsh Chaudhry, Global CEO, Space Matrix. "We’ve played a pivotal role in shaping workplaces for the future, and it was time for our brand identity to reflect that. This evolution signifies a company moving into a "new era," one that acknowledges the significant changes in the business landscape and the strategic role that workplaces now play.

Inspired by nature, the modernised logo and vibrant colour palette, led by the cornerstone "Matrix Red," signify a new narrative, one that’s inclusive and embraces both physical and virtual aspects of work. The redesigned ‘A’ in the brand’s type symbolises continual growth and a visionary perspective, while the “fourth-dimension” square serves as the binding force, a window to the company’s mission to transform workplaces into a positive catalyst for people to thrive and businesses to grow.

As Space Matrix embarks on this exciting new chapter, it reaffirms its dedication to leading the way in shaping the world of work for generations to come. This complete identity overhaul mirrors the diversity and agility of its people and the people and businesses it serves.