IWG Expands In Malaysia With Four New Centres Amid Strong Preference For Hybrid Working Among Employers And Employees
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – IWG, a world leading provider of hybrid working solutions, today announced four new upcoming locations in Malaysia across its Regus and HQ brands. The signings of HQ at AmBank Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Regus at Prima-9 in Cyberjaya, HQ at Menara Pelangi and Regus at Medini Lakeside in Johor will further expand IWG’s footprint in Malaysia to a total of 42 centres across four brands – Regus, Spaces, HQ and Signature. The new centres will add to IWG’s global network of 4,000 locations spanning 120 countries, and support IWG’s future growth as it continues to cater to rising demand for hybrid working.

Launching between April to September this year, the four new centres will expand the range of workspace solutions and services that will enable greater flexibility for employees in Malaysia, who have shown a clear preference for hybrid work. Hybrid working makes it possible for employees to work from a variety of locations whether it’s home, in a city centre office or HQ, or a near-home workspace, with Malaysians looking to spend two to four days a week in office. IWG’s growth momentum in the country also supports the increasing number of Malaysian employers who are embracing hybrid work arrangements, and aligns with the Malaysian government’s policy push towards more employee-friendly work models. Businesses adopting the hybrid model will also stand to benefit through cost savings by reducing overheads and increasing productivity, which attracts and retains top talent. The latter is of particular importance as Malaysia now faces “brain drain” concerns among a significant portion of its skilled and semi-skilled population working in neighbouring Singapore, as highlighted by the Department of Statistics Malaysia.

“Flexibility is now a top priority for employees everywhere – a shift that is also keenly felt among workers in Malaysia,” said Vijayakumar Tangarasan, country head of Malaysia at IWG. “In response, we are thrilled to add four new centres in key cities like Johor and Kuala Lumpur as part of our broader growth strategy, with the aim of increasing opportunities for all workers to conveniently access a professional workspace – whether in city centres or in 2nd and 3rd tier cities, which are closer to where some may live.”

“The new Regus and HQ centres will provide businesses of all sizes – from startups to SMEs and MNCs – with greater options and unparalleled access to flexible work solutions. This range of choices, coupled with the diversity of workspace types and pricing, ensures that we are well-equipped to support the evolving landscape of work in Malaysia. Ultimately, this helps contribute to competitiveness, as businesses can save on costs and better attract and retain talent,” added Tangarasan.

Catering to the robust demand for flexspaces across Malaysia’s business and technology hubs

  • In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital and largest urban centre, the new 12,971 square-foot HQ centre at AmBank Tower will mark the brand’s second location in the city, following the brand’s debut at Puchong Financial Corporate Centre.
  • In Cyberjaya, part of Malaysia’s high-technology business district and Multimedia Super Corridor, the upcoming 16,533 square-foot Regus centre at Prima-9 is positioned to meet the strong preference for flexibility, especially from the multimedia and technology sectors.
  • The new 14,973 square-foot HQ at Menara Pelangi in Johor’s Taman Pelangi residential neighbourhood, which will officially open its doors in April, will sit conveniently close to the Malaysia-Singapore border.
  • Also in Johor, the upcoming Regus at Medini Lakeside will offer 12,497 square feet of flexible work solutions in a bustling mixed-use area near the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link bridge.