WACKER Presents Innovative Solutions In Construction And Coatings At PAINTINDIA
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Munich / Mumbai – At this year’s PAINTINDIA, WACKER will be presenting two dispersible polymer powders for formulating tile adhesives that will soon be introduced into the growing Indian market. When added to dry-mix mortars, VINNAPAS® 4419 E and VINNAPAS® 8819 E produce an exceptionally creamy consistency which makes the resulting product easier to use. WACKER will also be presenting a binder specifically designed to meet the requirements of barrier coatings for paper: PRIMIS® SAF 9600.

And, finally, in PRIMIS® SAF 9800, the company will be showcasing a high-performance additive used as a binder to increase the stain and water resistance of interior paints and wood coatings. The PAINTINDIA International Exhibition & Conference will be held in Mumbai, India, from February 22 to 24.

“India is one of the largest construction markets in Asia. With our dispersible polymer powders, we mainly cater to the growing demand and needs of the construction industry. Skim coats as well as tile adhesives are top-sellers, just to name two examples. We are continuously working on enhancing our products and providing technical expertise and customer service along the value chain. At PAINTINDIA, we will be presenting a range of new products for the Indian market,” says Anand Gopaladesikan, responsible for WACKER’s polymers business in India.

Dispersible Polymer Powders for Formulating Tile Adhesives: VINNAPAS® 4419 E and VINNAPAS® 8819 E

The dispersible polymer powders are geared primarily towards improved workability and were developed specifically with users in mind, i.e., tilers and other skilled workers. For them, proper mortar consistency is key, when both mixing the dry-mix mortar with water and then applying the fresh mortar. The creamier and smoother a tile adhesive is, the less physical effort required to apply it and the more pleasant it is for users to handle.

The new VINNAPAS® 4419 E and VINNAPAS® 8819 E polymeric binders have been modified in such a way that the viscosity of fresh mortar is lowered by up to 20 percent. As a result, less physical effort is required for preparing the mortar and applying it with a notched trowel. Realistic assessments carried out on test walls have demonstrated that this makes using it much easier.

The VINNAPAS® products also improve open time and correction time – in other words, the period in which the tiler can still adjust a tile’s position before the adhesive sets and hardens. This improvement is particularly noticeable in warmer regions with more sunlight, where tilers will now have more time to prepare fresh mortar, even at high ambient temperatures.

Tilers are not the only ones who stand to gain from the polymeric binders – the producers of tile adhesives will benefit as well. The favourable processing properties of these types of mortars mean that, in some cases, producers will need far fewer additives or even be able to dispense with them entirely.

VINNAPAS® 4419 E and VINNAPAS® 8819 E were developed for tile adhesive formulations. In addition to making mortar easier to use, these binders also boost the non-sag properties of the mortar bed.

Tilers can shift, adjust and ultimately fix tiles into place without major physical effort. At the same time, the new dispersible polymer powders optimise the degree of wetting on the back of the tile – an especially important feature for working with porcelain tiles or large slabs and for creating a secure, permanent bond between these materials and the substrate. VINNAPAS® 8819 E was developed specifically with the most demanding applications in mind.

Innovative Coatings: PRIMIS® SAF 9600 and PRIMIS® SAF 9800

At this year’s PAINTINDIA, WACKER is unveiling PRIMIS® SAF 9600 and PRIMIS® SAF 9800, two innovative products. In PRIMIS® SAF 9600, WACKER is introducing a binder specifically designed to meet the requirements of barrier coatings for paper. Paper and paperboard treated with coatings suitably formulated with PRIMIS® SAF 9600 are heat sealable, water repellent, possess antiblocking properties and have good oil and grease resistance. PRIMIS® SAF 9600 is free of polyethylene (PE) and fluorocarbons. This water-based dispersion is readily compatible with various systems and can be formulated with waxes and other additives, as needed. PRIMIS® SAF 9600 does not interfere with the recycling of paper and paperboard, as high fiber recovery rates are possible.

Turning to the paints and coatings sector, PRIMIS® SAF 9800 can serve as a binder for high-performance paints for interior and exterior walls, as well as ready-to-use dispersion-based plasters. It increases the stain and water resistance of interior paints and wood coatings and is readily compatible with a broad range of commercial binders.

WACKER Live Demonstrations at PAINTINDIA 2024

WACKER will give live demonstrations of applications ranging from skim coat / wall putty to cementitious tile adhesives and waterproofing membranes. Experts will be on hand every day at the WACKER booth (Hall 1, Booth D 12) from 11.30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. IST to demonstrate the compelling benefits of WACKER products in tile adhesives, and skim-coat and one-component waterproofing applications.