Japan Build Tokyo 2023 Wraps Up with Unprecedented Growth and Global Collaboration
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Tokyo, Japan – Japan Build Tokyo 2023, organised by RX JAPAN, has concluded with resounding success, showcasing unprecedented growth in both exhibitor numbers and visitor turnout. Hosted at Tokyo Big Sight from December 13-15, 2023, the event not only welcomed international exhibitors from 11 countries but also introduced new features, highlighting its commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and innovation.

This year’s edition featured an impressive line up of 560 exhibitors and a total of 34,443 attendees, reflecting the growing significance of Japan Build Tokyo on the global stage. The participation of companies and brands from USA, Italy, UK, India, Cambodia, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea, added a diverse and international perspective to the event.

A notable addition to the 2023 Tokyo edition was the introduction of the Green Building Expo, emphasising a heightened focus on sustainability within the building and housing industries. The expo featured eco-friendly construction materials, energy-efficient technologies, and sustainable building practices, addressing the industry’s increasing demand for environmentally conscious solutions.

To further enhance the visitor experience, Japan Build Tokyo 2023 implemented a new and improved registration system, ensuring smooth and efficient access to the exhibition. This system gave the attendees the flexibility to register online and print their badges at home for a hassle-free entrance to the show ground.

Going beyond traditional exhibitions, the event incorporated interactive demonstrations, allowing visitors to see, touch, and experience the latest products and technologies first-hand. This immersive approach provided a deeper understanding of the showcased innovations and their practical applications.

With a strong international presence, Japan Build Tokyo attracted numerous exhibitors from around the world, particularly in the fields of building materials and smart home technologies. This diverse array of international participants added a distinctive flavour to the event, enriching the overall experience for attendees.

Strategic networking events were also integrated to foster connections and create new business opportunities for both international exhibitors and Japanese importers and trading companies. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged meaningful interactions, paving the way for potential partnerships and collaborations while helping international exhibitors maximise their exhibiting results.

Staying true to being a global event, the conference sessions at Japan Build Tokyo 2023 featured real-time Japanese-English translation system, facilitating a broader and more inclusive exchange of ideas. The conference programme covered a range of themes, including the complete robotisation of the housing industry, the outlook for the construction industry, use cases of industrial drones, easy-to-use digital twin technology, efforts towards decarbonisation, and more. At the centre stage, renowned speakers from Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Autodesk, Matterport, and other industry leaders shared valuable insights and expertise.

As Japan Build Tokyo 2023 concludes another successful edition, professionals, developers, architects, manufacturers, and general users are invited to join the Osaka show from September 11 to 13, 2024, at INTEX Osaka, Japan, or experience the excitement at the Tokyo show scheduled for December 11 to 13, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan.

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