Hong Kong rolls out the Green Carpet for the ACA17 event
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Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), the host of the 17th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA17), is getting ready to roll out the carpet for the architectural fraternity worldwide. As a biennial congress, ACA17 is one of the highlights marking the 60th anniversary of the HKIA. 500 delegates from over 19 Asian countries or regions will participate in this architectural event in Asia.

Breaking the Stalemate between Economy & Environment
Our Region
Economic development, alongside with rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, often costs the environment at a loss of natural wealth. The exhausting fossil fuels, the destruction of natural habitats and the spread of global warming are illustrative examples of the environmental damages. The thought of the future depletion of non-renewable energy consumption is simply irritating to human race. Given that the economic growth rate in Asia Pacific is the highest across the globe, the disruption to the lives of many is an alarming signal to the stability of the region.

Role of Architects
Architects are the designers, if not the inventors of a city. Not only do they construct space for human activities, but also materialising the snapshot of an epoch. As humanistic as one can imagine, architects embark on a soul-searching journey in building a desirable surrounding for every single human being. Hence, the upcoming congress envisions the collective insights of architects in breaking the stalemate between economy and environment.

The Theme
ACA17, themed as ‘Growth and Diversity: The Green Age of Asia’, seeks to collide the seemingly contradictory concepts of economic development and environmental protection. Having said that, the possibility of incorporating green elements in architecture will be explored. The concept of ‘diversity’, the co-existence of economic development and environmental sustainability, echoes perfectly to the pursuit of ‘Rejuvenation’ in the last congress, ACA16. The prerequisite of breathing new life to architectures is always to have the balance maintained. The economic elements, i.e. architectural practices and corporate social responsibility, and the environmental elements, that is, sustainability, green design and technology, will be discussed in depth in the congress.

When and Where?
ACA17, taking place from 25 September to 1 October 2016, will be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). HKCEC, located in Wan Chai North, is a major convention venue in Hong Kong. Built in the central business district of the metropolis, it is connected by covered walkways to nearby hotels and commercial buildings.

Meet the distinguished architects!
The congress provides a unique experience of a face-to-face encounter with the world’s best architects. The event is honoured to have Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi, Mr. Robert Greenwood, Mr. Winston Shu and Mr. Bing Thom as the keynote speakers. The panel speakers include Ar. Duangrit Bunnag, Professor Kazuo Iwamura, Mr. Young Kyoon Jeong, Mr. Bryant Lu, Mr. Esa Mohamed, Mr. On Tze Boon, Mr. Stephen Tang, Ms. Ada Fung, Mr. Joseph Kwan, Mr. Ramiz Baig, Mr. Sung Min Kim and Hydr M.I., Architect.

Highlights of ACA17
ACA17 seeks to recognise the architectural talents in the form of two awards, the ARCASIA Award for Architecture 2016 and the ARCASIA Student’s Architectural Design Competition 2016. While acknowledging exemplary architectural works, the awards aim to sustain an Asian spirit of architects to be bequeathed to the future generations of architects.
In parallel to ACA17, the ARCASIA Student Jamboree 2016 will be held for prospective architectural students across Asia. The variety of programmes provided in the jamboree seeks to widen the horizons of future architects, as well as to build friendship bonds in the youth architectural circuit.

Other highlights include the ARCASIA Council Meeting, the Friendship Night as well as excursions. Friendship bonds between architects across the region will be formed and fostered in the Friendship Night. Before the delegates depart ACA17, they can tour around the central district with historical landmarks including the St. John’s Cathedral, HKSKH’s St. Paul’s Church, Government House and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

How to register?
Interested participants to ACA17 are most welcome to apply online at or by phone at +852 2511 6323 to purchase tickets to the congress. The registration lasts for four months, starting from April to August 2016. Early bird registration closes on 30 June 2016.