Winner! Laing O’Rourke | SEPA Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Project Playbook: Descartes, iTwin Capture, OpenBuildings, ProjectWise, SYNCHRO

Image Credit: Laing O’Rourke

Project Summary of SEPA Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project (Information courtesy of Bentley Systems)

The Surrey Hills Level Crossing Removal Project, one of Victoria’s most complex level crossing removal projects, is expected to improve safety, limit congestion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent. Situated along a live railway, a 93-day shutdown occupation was enforced where 200,000 cubic metres of earthworks needed to be excavated to build a 1.7-kilometre new rail trench and new premium station. Given the complexity and scale of the works amid a stringent timeline, the team implemented a carefully crafted design for manufacturing approach. To timely and safely deliver prefabricated components on site and complete construction works with minimal disruption to commuters and the environment, the team needed to precisely plan and sequence works in a virtual environment.  

They selected SYNCHRO to create a detailed 4D model, visualizing the entire construction program in a cloud-based platform that facilitated accessibility and scalability across the project. Using Bentley’s construction management solution to simulate on-site works provided greater visibility into planning and interfacing and allowed the team to identify potential issues prior to construction. Through digital 4D planning, the team reduced the risk of clashes by 75 percent and scheduling errors by 40 percent, compared to using traditional construction workflows.