Initiation of Asia Pacific Interior Design Accreditation Program (AP-ID-AP) Preparatory Stage during FIND – Design Fair Asia 2023
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The AP-ID-AP is a program for interior architects and designers to be recognised and qualified by the APSDA regional body which represents many economies in the Asia Pacific Region. The AP-ID-AP will be a program that aims to create a set of standards that can help assess the professional competency of the interior design practitioners in Asia Pacific.

In parallel, the program will also lay the foundation for the pursuit of Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) on Interior Design Services in the AP region. The MRA will facilitate the mobility of interior design professionals within APSDA and enhance information exchange to promote adoption of best practices on standards of interior design education, professional practices, and qualifications. The main objective for the agreement is to conform to the spirit of APSDA co-operations based on fair distribution of resources and benefits through collaborative research and set standards and commitment of technological transfer in interior design among APSDA Member Countries.

Date: 22nd September 2023, Friday

Event Starting Time: 2.00pm

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Hall B in conjunction with FIND - Design Fair Asia 2023