New international woodworking and furniture trade exhibition to take place in Bangkok in September 2024
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Bangkok, Thailand – A new international trade exhibition for woodworking and furniture industry in ASEAN, hosted by Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment called Thailand International Woodworking and Furniture Exhibition 2024 (TIWF 2024) will take place in Bangkok, Thailand next year, from 18th to 20th September 2024 at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre.

This was announced during an industry briefing organized by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and IEC Messevertriebs GmbH on 15th June 2023 held at Grand Center Point Hotel, Terminal 21, Bangkok.

The industry briefing was organised under the theme “Enhancing business opportunities for Thailand’s woodworking and furniture industry in ASEAN market.”

The event was very well attended by industry players and professionals from the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors, that also included public sector and association representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Forestry Industry Organization, and Thai Timber Association.

TIWF 2024 is jointly organised by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. from Thailand and IEC Messevertriebs GmbH from Germany. The exhibition will take up over 5,000 square metres of exhibition space, with over 200 exhibiting companies, and 4,000 local and international attendees coming from the entire spectrum of the woodworking and furniture supply chain sectors.

The Host Organization of TIWF 2024 is Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. One of the many important strategic functions of the Ministry is overseeing forest and biodiversity management, in critical sectors such as forest, national parks, biodiversity, wildlife, land management, and geological resources.

“The protection and preservation of natural resources and the environment is an important role for the Ministry. We see TIWF 2024 as an important international forum in Thailand to present and discuss the latest technology, solutions, materials, trends, sustainability, and environmental issues impacting the woodworking industry of Thailand and ASEAN,” said Mr. Phichit Sombatmak, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. 

Thailand is a net importer of woodworking machinery valued at USD 60.8 million, making it the world’s 30th largest importer of woodworking machinery. Thailand’s key wood product exports are sawn wood, paper and paperboard, fiberboard, particleboard, wooden furniture, and furniture parts. Its wood product exports increased by 30 percent to THB 109.8 billion (2022), while furniture and part exports increased by 16 percent to USD 1.8 million (2022).

Mr. Ludger Muller, Managing Director of IEC Messeeverriebs GmbH, Germany, the co-organiser of TIWF 2024 said: “Due to lack of domestic supply, there are strong demands for imported processed woods. At the same time, demands for automated woodworking machinery and tools to improve efficiency are increasing.”

Mr. Thanomasak Chiableam, Deputy Managing Director of the Forest Industry Organization (FIO) - one of TIWF’s many supporting organizations – said “FIO generates revenues via a variety of timber-related business activities, such as commercial forest management, and approximately 10 percent of our revenues comes from timber processing, wooden furniture, and wood treatment amounting to about 250 million baht. We are expecting a 20 percent growth to reach 300 million baht. I believe our collaboration with TIWF 2024 will help us to speed up our adoption of new technology to improve our production processes to achieve higher profits.”

TIWF 2024 is well supported and endorsed by many key government bodies, industry associations and academic institutions - both locally and internationally. This demonstrates the need of an event like TIWF 2024 to provide the woodworking industry and markets with a dedicated face-to-face international industry forum to meet, discuss, exchange views, learn new knowledge and trends, forge new business deals, network, and address issues impacting the environment and sustainability.

The exhibition will feature the latest machinery and technology, materials and supplies, fittings, hardware and components, and services serving the woodworking industry and markets in Thailand and ASEAN.

Mr. Charlee Sirisakulsphon, President of Ta Chou Industry Co., Ltd., the Gold sponsor of TIWF 2024, said “We are excited to be part of this event. TIWF 2024 provides us the opportunity to showcase our range of products, such as air equipment, packaging equipment, spray painting tools, blades, saws, and many more. This event will serve as an effective business platform for us to connect with potential customers and help us expand our market presence in this region.”

Amongst the key features of TIWF 2024 includes a public-private sector exchange platform for the government and private sectors to discuss and exchange views on policies and opportunities impacting the woodworking industry of Thailand and ASEAN.

On the topic of sustainability, the organizers have launched an initiative called “TIWF Sustainable Reforestation Programme”, aiming to preserve, strengthen, and create diversified forests in Thailand by helping its environment re-establish healthy forest structure to preserve biodiversity within its ecosystem.

Ms. Peerayapan Pongsanam, Senior Manager of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd, added “Through this programme, we will donate USD 1 for every square meter sold at TIWF 2024 to support Thailand’s reforestation programme. We would like to invite all exhibitors and stakeholders of TIWF 2024 to play their parts in greening our wood industry.”