Eurovent publishes Guidebook on rooftop units
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Brussels, Belgium - Eurovent Product Group ‘Rooftop Units’ has published the first release of its Guidebook on rooftop units. The Guidebook gives an insight into types, design, applications, operation, selection and maintenance of rooftop units.

Eurovent has published its first-ever Guidebook on rooftop units, which provides a comprehensive overview of the rooftop technology. The Guidebook is the first compendium of its kind developed by the rooftop industry. ISH participants are invited to obtain a printed copy of the Guidebook during the exhibition at the Eurovent booth: A64, in Hall 8.0.

Filip Konieczny, Business Development Manager at FLOWAIR and Chairman of the Eurovent PG-RT, stated: “Rooftop Units are becoming increasingly popular in many European markets. The reason is their excellent ability to efficiently maintain Indoor Environmental Quality. Ensuring both thermal comfort and proper Indoor Air Quality means simplification and universality. That’s why rooftop units are successfully used in various applications. With this Guidebook, we aim to share technical knowledge and market insights directly from industry experts. It is worth reading for anyone involved in the HVAC investment process. We are confident that it will help raise awareness of the benefits of rooftop units. I would like to thank Eurovent members and especially the PG-RT participants for sharing their knowledge and experience.”

Arel Arsoy, RD/NPD Manager at UNTES and Vice-Chairman of the Group, further added: “Today, I am so delighted. Thanks to the enormous effort of our valuable members, the first fruit of the young PG-RT has been harvested. With today’s technology, rooftop units are an efficient solution not only for building cooling/heating loads, but also for ventilation and dehumidification purposes including free cooling capabilities in so compact dimensions. Thanks to their independency and smartness, the application is resulted by high total system efficiency which extends popularity of rooftop applications day by day. I would conclude with appreciation and gratitude to great endeavours of the Eurovent Team in preparation of this Guidebook.”

This document was published by Eurovent and was prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Product Group ‘Rooftop Units’ (PG-RT), which represents a vast majority of all manufacturers of these products active on the EMEA market. The document can be downloaded free of charge in the Eurovent Document Library. ISH Frankfurt participants can grab a copy of the Guidebook during the exhibition at the Eurovent and Eurovent Certita Certification booth: A64, in Hall 8.0.