President of Oikos, Claudio Balestri receives prestigious award of “100 examples of Italian excellence”
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Rome, Italy – The Observatory of Italian excellence has selected Oikos among the protagonists of the “100 examples of Italian excellence” dedicated to companies that successfully represent Made in Italy. On 3 December 2015 in Rome, in the Queens Hall at the Montecitorio Palace, the official ceremony was held in the presence of press and official dignitaries.

After the presenting of important awards such as the ADI Index Design, The Pininfarina company award for Innovation and the International Grand ethical design award, Oikos receives further important recognition as a company that is a symbol of Italian excellence.
In over 30 years, Oikos, has accepted the challenges of the future, investing in technological development and scientific progress, in its ability to unite tradition and innovation. The company has created products that are both avant-garde and eco-sustainable with solutions for all types of vertical, horizontal and three-dimensional surfaces with great aesthetic impact and at the same time, causing minimal environmental impact. This has allowed it to become a benchmark for surface solutions, inspiring with colour and matter, anticipating future requirements with innovative solutions that improve life, this has been and is still today our challenge.

Oikos has always looked beyond, in a pioneering manner, it has opened emerging markets, bringing knowledge, culture, history and Italian artistry.

The decorative, technical and functional solutions perfected by Oikos for all kinds of surface, both interior and exterior, are a prime example of Made in Italy, where the personalisation of every project increasingly leads to the creation of Tailor-made solutions, like an industrial artisan of the textured surface.

The President of Oikos, Mr Claudio Balestri, recalled: “We have been producing colour and matter for sustainable architecture since 1984. Even though we belong to the chemical paints and coatings sector we have never used dangerous components, we are an industry that recycles everything, recovering residual materials with which to create new products. It is possible to do business whilst also fully respecting the environment, employing over 200 people, guaranteeing jobs in this time of crisis with a sustainable business. As in all things, you need to believe in it and have respect for our future.”