Asia’s first outdoor charging fitness equipment installed in Singapore
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Singapore – Playpoint has installed a ‘green’ outdoor fitness equipment at 234 Bukit Panjang Ring Road in Singapore. The outdoor fitness equipment is claimed to be the first installation of its kind in Asia that converts the user’s energy into usable electricity to charge mobile phone. Designed and developed by The Great Outdoor Gym Company from United Kingdom, the ‘green’ energy range is environmentally friendly and embraces the concepts of sustainable living, which is part of Future Singapore initiative.

Comprising of The Energy Cross Trainer, Hand Bike, Spinning Bike and Recumbent Bike, the green energy gym offers people to exercise and a way to recycle their own energy. It also creates healthier and greener choices for people.

When exercising on the equipment, users can charge their mobile phones by connecting their phones via a cable to a USB port located on the equipment. Depending on how much energy is generated, the watt counter located on the machine indicates the electricity generated by the user. The average user can sustain between 50-100 watts during his/her entire workout.

The ‘green’ outdoor fitness equipment is available in Singapore from Playpoint (Singapore) Pte Ltd.