Material Focus: A Glorious Entrance
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First impressions are often very crucial; here’s how you can wow your guests from the get go. Text and photos from Malaysian Timber Council

One of the main factors in creating a home out of a house is to stamp your own individuality on the property. Imprinting one’s own values and personality onto something that is previously empty or uncharacteristic can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. Well, how about starting at the entrance?

Timber is both bold and beautiful. Embellish it and it gives you a rustic charm that speaks volumes about its character. Nothing beats the look and feel of something as natural as timber. A timeless beauty, timber has been changing design landscapes for hundreds of years. Through expert craftsmanship, a luxurious visual feast is achievable from the use of timber.

For example, the wooden door is something that has existed from the start of civilisation. Yet, you can change it up by using bespoke timber doors, which adds a little bit of one’s own charisma and standards of beauty onto something that is familiar and classy. A breath-taking design for a door can become a conversation piece. Furthermore, timber doors have been the preferred choice of the discerning and many contemporary designs showcase its primary qualities such as its sturdiness, beauty and warmth.

Malaysian timber doors, which are sought-after globally, are available in a variety of species, designs, sizes and specifications. Beautifully glazed, panelled, solid or engineered timber doors, all these and more are on the manufacturers’ list.

To make an ultimate statement, match the warm timber doorway with some wooden window frames. This pairing creates quite the statement, thus creating a lasting first impression on any guests you welcome into your home.

Indeed, nothing comes close to the look of natural wood. That’s why timber is able to endure and withstand the test of time. Its charm cannot be replaced by other materials. Timber doors in particular look fantastic, whether painted or lightly treated to allow all the intricacies of the natural wood to shine through. You can easily shift the look into whatever concept you want it to be – elegant, modern, or traditional with natural timber doors. It’s so versatile and able to immediately set the perfect ambiance for your home.

Other than stylishness, it’s important to choose a timber door that is made of quality craftsmanship, exquisite design aesthetics and high levels of durability. Malaysia’s robust timber industry is recognised internationally as manufacturer of a plethora of timber doors that fulfil all three of those requirements. There’s also such a wide selection of hardwoods in either natural or muted tones, allowing you to create the exact kind of entrance you desire for your home. Skilfully finished, these Malaysian products are made from the finest of timbers, which are sourced sustainably, offer reliability and style.

Malaysian door manufacturers have been producing hardwood doors that combines both the aesthetics and warmth of natural timber while leveraging on its manufactured strength for decades from a wide range of timber species. Their honed skilfulness of producing timber doors means that you will be able to really get specific with the design you want. Timbers such as Balau, Melunak, Dark Red Meranti, Kembang Semangkok, Merbau, Merpauh and Nyatoh make for some gorgeous choices. Doors can even be overlaid with imported species such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Makore. The possibilities are endless!

The same can be said about the options for timber window frames as well. Timber window frames are often overlooked, but they are a defining feature of any home. It can greatly influence the style and functionality of your home. Thankfully, Malaysian wood-based products manufacturers have been producing many stylish selections of timber window frames in a variety of finishes with quality timbers and precise craftmanship. This means you are sure to find something that fits the style you want for your home. Timber window frames can also be easily configured to suit your requirements, whether it be window screens, secure locks and fashionable handles. Exceptionally secure, classy, and hard-wearing, timber window frames offer the best of both worlds without compromise.

Malaysian timber manufacturers are known to be able to combine masterful craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to create some of the most impressive products, including timber doors and window frames. This is the reason Malaysian wood-based products such as doors and windows are much sought-after by those in the construction industry which include hotels, resorts, theme parks, houses and office buildings. Malaysian inspired and individually created bespoke timber doors and window frames of every style, possesses the excellence and craftsmanship to give both the function and form to last a lifetime.