PROJECT: Chisha Depot TOD Complex / LWK + PARTNERS
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Pleasantly niched between the Huangpu and Chisha Rivers, Chisha Depot TOD Complex enjoys close proximity to the west Pazhou area and conveniently to the Huanan Expressway, a major road link of Guangzhou. The Haizhu Wetland Park lies just a short distance away.

Masterplanner and Architect of the project, LWK + PARTNERS has designed a low-carbon community around the Chisha Depot by rethinking the concept of transit-oriented development, featuring inventive concepts like ‘work-oriented’, ‘live-oriented’ and ‘play-oriented’ developments within the neighbourhood.

Green waterside community with a vibrant core

The project will evolve into a new urban landmark with an intermix of functionalities connected by efficient transport and a green axis. There will be premium residential areas next to lush green spaces along the riverfront to build a multilayered urban oasis. The masterplan also encourages the growth of innovation and technology industries and creative industries, pumping new energy into declining areas as well as the local arts and culture scene.

To foster a wellness-driven environment for inhabitants, the project is designed with lively rich landscapes, vibrant coastlines, urban vitality and industrial growth in mind, all organically integrated with regional urban development and setting an example for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. A commercial centre with vigorous culture and huge transformative energies.

Celebrating seamless connectivity and design-led efficiency

The project is developed in two phases. The first phase of 304,000 square metres will house a 100-metre tower of upscale apartments, seven riverside residential blocks arranged in stepped heights, a boutique clubhouse, seven residential blocks and a petite apartment block right atop the metro, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and various public buildings. The second phase of 420,000 square metres will have a stunning office landmark, an innovation and art park, art gallery, micro-scale headquarters and garden apartments.   

Chisha Depot TOD Complex will be served by well-designed road links and unfussy circulation schemes upgraded from existing road networks. A seamless urban experience is achieved through slow mobility systems affording safer journeys, enjoyable transition between different components and plant-rich spaces infiltrated across the transport system. The whole site is extensively integrated with its transport links, with functional components inseparable from one another and biophilic environments present throughout the masterplan.  

“Chisha Depot TOD Complex is an exploration of a new model of urban revitalisation in China’s Greater Bay Area, through reconnecting people with nature, reorganising region components, and redrawing the urban fabric. It is also designed as a low-carbon-high-life community by rethinking the concept of Transit-oriented Development, featuring inventive concepts like ‘Work-oriented’, ‘Live-oriented’ and ‘Play-oriented’ developments within the neighbourhood, which create a wellness-driven environment for inhabitants, and a multi-layered urban-life oasis with a high-efficiency core,” said Ricky Wang, Director, LWK + PARTNERS. 


Project Name: Chisha Depot TOD Complex

Project Location: Guangzhou, China

Client: Yuexiu Group

Masterplanner: LWK + PARTNERS

Architect: LWK + PARTNERS

Site Area: 56,010 square metres

Gross Floor Area: 748,950 square metres

Status: In progress

Renderings: LWK + PARTNERS