RAKtherm - Engineered for Higher Level of Piping Service Performance (Webtorial)
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RAKtherm, a division of Tahweel Industry, is a pioneer and global hi-tech manufacturer of PPR, PEX, REINFORCED, and anti-UV piping systems. RAKtherm is the longest lasting piping system, bringing the most comprehensive piping solutions for diverse water applications using the latest German innovation technology. Tested, conformed, qualified, and certified by DVGW, SKZ, HY, and TUV; it has passed the quality assurance and quality performance tests that guarantee it is suitable for global distribution and utilisation. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with German engineering machineries, the company has supported major infrastructure projects through a network of business partners in 35 countries worldwide across Europe, GCC, East Asia, and North and South Africa.

With over 50 years of experience and expertise, the company maintains the outstanding quality, thus becoming a pioneer and leader in the global piping industry. RAKtherm is known for its world-class brand delivering effective and efficient piping solutions preserving its good reputation in the industry. With continuous pursuance in providing excellent quality products and ultimate piping technology, the company established itself as leader and highly recognised in the piping industry.

RAKtherm PP-R (Polypropylene) Piping Systems
RAKtherm provides intelligent and high performance piping systems that meets the highest of standards quality. RAKtherm pipes and fittings are made of PP-R (Polypropylene-random), a thermoplastic resins composed of chains of carbon and hydrogen. The random combination of short and long hydrocarbon chains gives flexibility and rigidity resulting to higher resistance to external damage therefore, it has superior physical properties. Compression strength, elasticity, anti-corrosive and heat resistance properties are the factors which, make it suitable for hot and cold water applications.

RAKtherm PPR pipes and fittings are an ideal solution, designed to withstand for continuous extreme temperatures, and short-term peak temperatures at service life of 50 years. Therefore, RAKtherm piping system is suitable for all types of chilled and heating water networks. PPR is a material with excellent chemical resistance, which does not react to most chemicals, with non-corrosive properties, proven to be physiologically and microbiologically harmless making it suitable for diverse water applications.

RAKtherm PEX (Cross linked Polyethylene) Piping Systems
A wide range of plumbing and under-floor heating systems developed and produced by RAKtherm. PEX refers to the cross linked polyethylene (PE-X). It is a polymeric material formed by the chemical joining of individual polyethylene molecules in a process called “cross linking”, because cross linking alters the performance of the original polyethylene polymer improving its’ properties. The primary reason for crosslinking polyethylene (PE) is to increase the physical and materials’ elevated temperature performance under load.

This results in a structure that does not soften when high temperature is applied, thus raising the thermal stability of the material under load, which greatly increases the environmental stress crack resistance, resistance to slow crack growth due to deterioration of the material under continuous temperature use, chemical resistance, toughness and abrasion resistance.

The New Generation REINFORCED Piping Systems by RAKtherm
The main function is to stabilise the pipes to preserve its quality. RAKtherm Reinforced Stabi Pipes are manufactured from special component of PPR material reinforced with aluminum layer for reduced linear expansion similar to metal pipes for greater strength and better heat resistance. Highly efficient with smooth interior walls that reduce the head loss for increased higher flow rates.

The inner part is covered with aluminum; outer layer is coated with anti-creep layer; the outer layer is coated with PPR as mechanical protection, combined with hot-melt glue between the layers. All these provide better anti-creep properties, greater strength, better shock resistance, and good stability. It can be easily detected with metal detector even when buried under ground. With proven high resilience performance even at the most extreme conditions, making it suitable for hot and cold water applications in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

RAKtherm UV Piping Systems, integrated with anti-UV technology
The safest and longest lasting piping solution in the market excellent for outdoor applications even under direct sunlight, RAKtherm has blended and formulated the PPR resins, integrated with special technology of black anti-UV layer for higher resistance against harmful effects of UV sunlight. With notable decreased linear expansion rate and increased higher flow rate; can withstand hot and cold water application under extreme temperatures at service life of 50 years.

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