Nikken Sekkei Group Companies merge
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Tokyo, Japan – Architectural design firm Nikken Sekkei Ltd has announced the official merger of two Nikken Group member companies: Hokkaido Nikken Sekkei Ltd and Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering Ltd., effective April 1, 2022. Nikken Sekkei will be the surviving entity.

Established in 1956, Hokkaido Nikken Sekkei has cultivated design techniques for snowy and cold regions and has provided design and supervision services rooted in local communities. Nikken Sekkei Civil was spun off from Nikken Sekkei in 2001 and has been refining infrastructure-related technologies such as civil engineering design and geotechnical surveys.

Nikken Sekkei and its two member firms have historically collaborated on many projects. However, in order to respond quickly to diversifying social issues, a simpler organizational structure was sought. Post-merger, Nikken Sekkei will open a Hokkaido office in Sapporo, which has been the location of Hokkaido Nikken Sekkei.

“Solving today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated social issues necessitates collaboration and the creation of alliances with other companies across various boundaries,” said Nikken Sekkei President and CEO Atsushi Omatsu. “This merger will quicken the decision-making process of the Nikken Group. We expect that by promoting open platforms for social issues, we will be able to provide solutions that transcend industry boundaries.”

Founded in 1900, Nikken Sekkei supports a network of overseas offices, and has designed hundreds of projects around the world, many of which have garnered award-winning acclaim.

Two recent projects worthy of note include the Chalet Ivy Jozankei, a Japanese-style hotel located in Japan’s scenic Hokkaido region. In 2021 it was included in the Small Luxury Hotels of the World register. In Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Ben Thanh Station Vicinity District Comprehensive Development project, currently underway, will combine public and commercial infrastructure to create a high quality urban space to help revitalize a district home to a population of some 9 million people.