10 Design reveals a harbourfront high-rise design submission in South China
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Hong Kong – This competition scheme of a 268 metres super high rise tower is to create a visual beacon in the heart of a coastal tourism city within the Greater Bay Area of China.

The 11,450 square metres waterfront site is part of a leisure and entertainment complex which comprises cultural and entertainment, exhibition, residential, retail and education facilities. It is an anchor project at the designated culture and tourism zone at the city centre and enjoys great proximity to the city’s major transportation hubs. Sitting at the convergence of several waterways, it will be embraced by other key developments across the waters and become a focal point of the city.

The submission includes design of a super high-rise tower of office, hotel and serviced apartment sitting on top of a 4-storey podium. Inspired by the local ritual of dragon dance to pray for rain and blessings to the land, the spiraling form of the tower resembles a dragon ascending from the sea, thrusting up to the sky.

Nick Cordingley, Design Partner of 10 Design commented: “The design of the high-rise tower is a natural response to both the surrounding environment and the local culture. The dragon motif is drawn not only for its connotation of auspiciousness and agility, but also from the maritime culture specific to this location and the local communities.”

The building is oriented to maximise sea view while exerting minimal impact on the residences behind. Four fillet corners are introduced to optimize sightlines; a subtle reduction of floor area in the middle zone endows an elegant identity to the building; while the shifting aluminum claddings introduce sinuous contours lines on the façade to conclude the design.