WEBTORIAL: The AxiEco axial fan improves the efficiency of the entire system
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Ice formation is a concern in refrigeration applications (for example, evaporators) as the water vapour precipitates on the heat exchanger as ice at cold temperatures. In addition, there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient ventilation solutions. To address such concerns, ebm-papst launched a new axial fan, the AxiEco. These fans have been designed for robustness, high performance, economical operation and much more.  

Improved efficiency and quiet operation
AxiEco has been optimised for energy efficiency. They are equipped with electronically commutated (EC) motors, which offers better efficiency than alternating current (AC) motors.

In addition, unlike most axial fans, there is no tip gap between the fan housing and impeller. Tip gaps typically lead the airflow loss. Thus, the absence of the tip gap means increased efficiency and reduced noise generation. The integrated diffusor ring also functions as a diffuser that is directly integrated into the impeller. It increases the pressure, resulting in reduced exit loss and also contributing to less noise. 

Improved flow profile
The AxiEco series is also characterised by its improved flow profile. While the airflow of other axial fans spreads outwards, the outflow of AxiEco remains “on course” for longer. This remains the case even when there are higher back pressures and the fan will retain an axial direction. The flow direction remains constant and the air in the interior is not taken in again.

Resists ice formation
When ice forms on the heat exchanger, the air path is restricted and the pressure increases. This is where AxiEco’s key benefit comes in: At higher back pressures, it offers much greater pressure reserves than other fans. This extends the intervals between defrosting cycles and means that the refrigerating plant can be operated more efficiently for longer periods. Additionally, with no tip gap, the impeller is unlikely to freeze up. Last but not least, its flow profile delays ice formation on the guard grill because the interior air is not drawn in again.

Multiple sizes and designs are available
Currently the AxiEco series is available in different sizes and designs.

To learn more about the AxiEco fan and how it can improve the efficiency of your refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning or mechanical engineering technology, contact ebm-papst SEA here.