City Energy launches Küche Smart Collection, an innovative line of eco-friendly smart home appliances for homeowners, real estate and property developers
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Singapore – City Energy, Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider, is launching Küche Smart Collection, a new category of eco-friendly, Internet of Things (IoT) smart home solution under its new retail sub-brand Life by City Energy (Life). With its high quality and multi-function, the sleek and intelligent Küche Smart Collection offers property developers a next-generation innovation to provide homeowners with a new, elevated home experience.

From gas hobs to gas dryers, Life is partnering premium brands to bring in new low-carbon solutions that are long-lasting and affordable, to create smarter and greener homes. Eco-friendly, convenient, and seamlessly integrated with IoT technology, the Küche Smart Collection ticks all boxes, making it a premium choice for new private home developments.

City Energy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Perry Ong, said: “Our longstanding relationships with property developers allow us to partner with them to come up with premium new solutions, ideal for smarter and greener living.” He continued: Küche helps property developers to sharpen their competitive advantage. In today’s hyperconnected world, Singapore homeowners want technology that is intuitive and allows easy control of their daily lives. City Energy is continuously developing solutions to create greater convenience at home, while reducing carbon footprint at the same time.”

Smart home appliances for the next generation

Featuring Wi-Fi-enabled home solutions, the Küche Smart Collection comprise a smart gas hob, hood, oven and gas water heater. All appliances can be remotely controlled and monitored via the iAppliances app for greater convenience, giving homeowners complete control of their home appliances wherever they may be. The Küche Smart Collection has inter-operability capabilities and can also be synced and controlled via Google Home Assist.

Equipped with a range of innovative safety functions such as timer alerts, app-triggered notifications, alarms and remote shutdown, the Küche Smart Collection allays any concerns about unattended stoves or wasted energy. Through the ease and convenience of the app, homeowners can now enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free cooking experience. The smart interlocking function further allows for the hood to be switched on at the same time as the gas hob at desired settings, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Made from high quality stainless steel and black tempered glass, the Küche Smart Collection features minimalist styling with its clean lines and timeless, modern design, delivering a simple yet striking presence in any home. This premium collection comes with Küche’s app-controlled gas water heater to continue the fuss-free lifestyle.

Designed for the next generation of smart-living, key features of the Küche Smart Collection include:

  • Wi-Fi-enabled: Enables remote on/off scheduling, speed control and more with the use of the iAppliances app
  • Safety: Küche suite of intelligent appliances is ideal for busy families, care givers and those looking after elderly relatives
  • Timeless design: With its sleek, high quality design, the smart appliances integrate effortlessly into any home
  • Smart interlocking: Seamless connection of the Küche appliances enables the hood to be turned on/off automatically with the smart gas hob
  • Greater convenience: Store recipes on the iAppliances app for ease of baking and programming of oven, and indulge in hot shower sessions with tailored in-built settings
  • Data analytics: Gain easy access to gas usage data analytics for ease of tracking and monitoring of household energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly: Usage of town gas helps to reduce carbon footprint for future generations as it is environmentally friendly