TECHNAL to unveil two trend setting acoustic concepts and its majestic stand at BATIMAT fair in Paris
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Toulouse, France – At the 30th edition of BATIMAT fair in Paris in November 2-6, 2015, TECHNAL, a specialist in aluminium building systems, will reveal two trend-setting acoustic concepts to visitors, which were designed and developed based on this global vision. The brand’s goal is to provide effective tools and solutions to professionals and private individuals.

The first on the market to measure joinery products’ acoustic performance to an accuracy of 1 dB.

A patented system that guarantees the acoustic attenuation of joinery products, even with the window open. Based on the combination of complementary “passive” and “active” technologies, this system enables an acoustic attenuation of up to 25 dB, that’s the equivalent, on average, of 300 times less noise inside.

Hearing and the other senses will be the central theme on the TECHNAL stand at BATIMAT 2015. Designed by renowned architect Alain Moatti of the MOATTI-RIVIERE agency, a majestic 450 square metres showcase beckons you to a sensory experience through the interplay of reflections, large dimensions and the feeling of verticality. In designing this stand, the architect used four evocative themes; “Monumentality”, “Disappearance”, “Threshold” and “Scent”. These themes reveal TECHNAL’s values of innovation, design, comfort and quality of life. The stand will be both a meeting space that is suitable for business exchanges and an exhibition area for several new products such as a façade, a fire door, a folding door, etc.

Alain Moatti wanted to create an immaterial place where the visitor has a unique experience and loses all notions of landmarks and spaces. “Architecture is the creation of imaginary places; we give them a face in reality,” said the architect.

This stand is a project of depth rather than shape, which plays with reflections, large dimensions and verticality. Here, TECHNAL products are not placed on a stage; rather they enter into a refined universe of blue and white hues which serve as a reminder of the brand’s logo.

A part of the stand is exclusively reserved for presenting TECHNAL’s acoustic concepts. This is where visitors are invited to enjoy a true sensory experience. On the stand, visitors can move freely in wide, flowing walkways. A nod to the brand, the historic 4114 profile which symbolises the logo will adorn each reception booth.

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