TKE Supports the 2022 Winter Olympics with World-class Mobility Solutions
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Hong Kong – TK Elevator is pleased to announce that its innovative elevator and escalator solutions are supporting the mobility needs of athletes and delegates at various key venues of the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted in Beijing, China.

Primary venues served round-the-clock by a total of 287 TKE units include the Shougang Park where the Shougang Big Air, athletes’ residences, training camps and hotels are situated, as well as the Capital Stadium Speed Skating Venue and the Olympic village.

The Shougang Park particularly was a former steel plant repurposed into an event-inspired mixed-use development. Notable TKE installations in the Shougang Park include scenic elevators at the 78-metre high visitor lookout situated at the top of the Number 3 Blast Furnace, and a dedicated referee tower at the Shougang Big Air, all served by proven and trusted TKE low-rise elevators enclosed in glass car walls and glass hoistways.

“The Shougang Park project was a perfect testimonial for TK Elevator’s innovations and technical expertise. Most facilities in the park including hotels and recreational facilities were repurposed from former industrial buildings, spatial and structural limitations posed great challenges to shaft design and installation,” said Jürgen Böhler, CEO Asia Pacific of TK Elevator. “Features of each installation were specific of the facility’s original purpose. Based on the unique technical needs of each facility, combined with specific requirements of the customer, our team of engineers and technical experts proposed the best approach and mobility solution, just like what we do for all other commercial and infrastructure projects. Customer-centric is at the core of our business.”

With over 260 TKE units installed at two international airports in Beijing, and close to 1,200 units serving 10 lines across the Beijing Metro system, TK Elevator ensures the mobility needs of athletes and delegates are well served from the start of their journey to the Olympic host city.