New designer brand for handle and knobs lands in Singapore
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Singapore – As part of the EDL Group’s effort to expand their product offerings, they have secured a partnership to become the exclusive distributor of Viefe handles and knobs.

Based in Spain, Viefe is an innovative manufacturer of designer accessories. The company currently operates in more than 45 countries, with the Southeast Asian region now part of its growing reach around the world

Exploring handles and knobs were a natural complement for the company. Originally a laminate supplier, these materials are used for interior carpentry, and a key piece of furniture in the home is the cupboard – this is where handles come in.

“We liked Viefe for its collaborative approach to design, working with designers from all over the world who offer innovative ideas for their products. Their designer hardware offers quality at an affordable price point, sitting comfortably in the ‘premium affordable’ gap in the market. This is a market segment shared with EDL’s customer base and product offerings,” said Eleanor Lim, Marketing Director, EDL.

There are limited options for designer accessories in the local market. Viefe represents a welcomed addition, with a smorgasbord of selection created in collaboration with handpicked designers.

“The cupboard represents much more to us than simply a piece of furniture with handles. They are pieces of furniture that offer refuge, a place where we store our clothes and objects with personal meaning and give a glimpse into our life history. It’s the place where we keep the most visible parts of our personality, a place that we open day after day thinking how we are going to present ourselves to the world. Viefe, through the use of knobs and handles, have accompanied customers in making of these daily decisions,” said Viefe.

The Viefe design process stars with thinking about the details of each space, how people live there and how their products can make lives easier – whilst always following the latest trends with materials, finishes and shapes. The collection strives to create personality using accessories which manage to project a unique, yet plural aesthetic style.


A family of handles and knobs with a modern, industrial aesthetic. It has a mesh like texture, ensuring a firm grip when you pull on it. Available in stainless steel look, dark brushed brass, and brushed black


Jey handles are characterised by their functionality, elegance and sophistication. The handles can be perfectly integrated to each piece of furniture for clean, subtle design. Available in three colours -stainless steel look mat white and black.


The most unique and innovative design in our collection, Hexxa is an integrated handle with two sides presenting a slight inclination. This creates a visual effect that is modern and ground-breaking. Available in mat white, mat black, metallic grey and metallic brown.

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