Archifest 2015 returns with a thought-provoking theme 'What Future?'
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Singapore – Archifest, the annual Festival of Ideas for the City, returns in 2015 with a thought-provoking theme ‘What Future?’.

Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Archifest 2015 will take place from 26 September to 10 October 2015. It will celebrate the urban environment,hosting a programme of exhibitions, installations, conference, conversations, screenings and architecture tours, anchored at the newly minted SIA Building on Neil Road.

Now entering the 9th edition, Archifest’s theme in 2015 is 'What Future?'. The theme seeks to encourage Singaporeans to look ahead and imagine the possibilities and opportunities they collectively face, as they celebrate the nation’s 50th year of independence. The subject matter will manifest itself as a series of questions posed by the myriad of activities, through which participants can envisage their own interpretation of the future of architecture.

“Archifest celebrates more than just the positive qualities of our built environment, its spirit is derived from the dreams and aspirations of our people," commented Mr Richard Ho, Chairperson, Design Thrust, SIA. “This year's theme 'What Future?' is a particularly timely notion as our nation turns 50 and we hope to engage all in a purposeful celebration,” he added.

The two-week-long festival will address the theme 'What Future?' through different contexts. Some of the highlights include a Conference featuring award-winning architects including Li Xiaodong and Kerry Hill; a pop-up design studio City-Studio; specially curated Architours to explore Singapore's hidden architectural gems; an interactive model-building installation ‘We Build This City’; a forum ‘Why Architect?’ to share insights on how to realise your dream home; as well as an arresting series of Singapore's land spaces documented in Plot, a digital art exhibition by celebrated photographer Caleb Ming.

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