Special Categories – SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021
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SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021 – Special Categories

Design Award

o National Day Parade 2018 Stage, Asolidplan / Solid Architects LL

For NDP2018, the firm designed a stage that rises like a 3-tier plaza with grand steps and ramps leading up to a set of visually porous pivoting screens, evoking a stately colonnade. Painted with colours of the surrounding water and buildings, the stage sit harmoniously in Marina Bay.

Jury Citation:

The design of the stage for National Day Parade 2018 drew its inspiration from urban plazas with the intent to bring the stage closer to its spectators.

A set of monumental projection screens when fully opened resulted in a unique visual relationship between spectators seated facing the stage and those at the back of it; What is typically the backstage was also ‘exposed’ and made visible to the spectators across Marina Bay.

The jury applauded the project for achieving a simple, beautiful and delightful object that seamlessly integrates operational complexities with limited resources. It was unanimously accorded a Design Award.