44 businesses announced as signatories to WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment tackling whole life carbon
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London, UK – On 11 November 2021, WorldGC announced 44 businesses who have signed up to the market-leading whole life carbon requirements of the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment), pledging to take increased action to decarbonise the built environment across their portfolios and business activities, representing annual turnover of $85 billion.

These signatories will by 2030:

  • Reduce all operational emissions of new and existing built assets
  • Achieve maximum reductions in embodied carbon for new developments and major renovations over which they have direct control
  • Compensate for any residual operational and upfront embodied emissions that cannot be mitigated
  • Advocate for wider emission reductions via their business activities and report on their impact, to enable and accelerate the sector wide transition to net zero

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

The Commitment now has a total of 156 signatories, with 122 businesses and organisations; 28 cities; and 6 states and regions. The businesses and organisations signed up to the Commitment account for approximately 6.5 million (tCO2e) of portfolio emissions annually and more than $300 billion annual turnover, and are already taking significant steps to decarbonise their portfolio operations[1].

You can see the full list of Commitment signatories and learn more about their individual Commitments by viewing their Commitment Profiles at

[1] Note: these figures represent aggregated statistics from all signatories signed up to the Commitment, including those prior to the September 2021 update.