Archi-Tectonics complete Kyle-Kath Gallery
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New York, New York, USA – Archi-Tectonics transformed Kyle-Kath Gallery’s Chelsea showroom into a contemporary display space that highlights their collection of richly coloured and intricately patterned carpets. With a series of considered interventions to the existing space, the new design reshapes the visitor experience and enhances how guests encounter the art on display. 

A new storefront façade – made of ultra-thin black-steel frames, floor-to-ceiling glass plates, and a full-length glazed pivot door – opens the gallery to the street and allows passersby to glimpse the art inside. A projection visible through this facade shows how the carpets are hand-woven and knotted by talented craftsmen in Nepal.

Entering the gallery, visitors are greeted by a new custom-designed reception desk and a bright red cube emblazoned with the Kyle-Kath logo. The desk – composed of intersecting white lacquer and glass volumes – adds a sculptural element to the space and integrates built-in tables where guests can relax and browse the catalogues.

The redesign also enhances the connection between the two floors, introducing a concrete stair with a finely detailed banister made of blackened steel plates. At the top and bottom of the stairs, the steel plates bend 180 degrees, creating a continuous plane that guides visitors around the corners in one fluid motion. The ends of these plates are laser cut, leaving a reveal that showcases the construction of the handrail.