Conexus Studio designs Nu Skin Southeast Asia’s Future Forward Office
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Singapore – Global beauty and wellness product leader and business opportunity platform provider, Nu Skin recently completed renovations for its new Southeast Asian Headquarters at 18 Cross Street, designed and built by workplace specialist Conexus Studio.

The project’s innovative design puts the future of work at the centre of the conversation and offers a fresh perspective on the needs of a modern workforce. Working closely with the regional Nu Skin leadership, Conexus Studio configured the 5,590 square feet space to suit the modern hybrid workforce by intrinsically supporting flexibility in how people work.

Designed with employee feedback on their working needs and preferences, the inclusive design is an inviting experience that supports the diverse ways Nu Skin employees like to work. The wide variety of work settings include a lifestyle café, hospitality-inspired lounge settings, private pods, phone booths as well as height-adjustable desks to configure sitting or standing workstations as desired. These activity-focused seating options encourage employees to change their seat as required throughout the day.

To further enhance team connectivity, the layout blurs traditional barriers, offering almost complete openness from one end to another. Rooms are fitted in glass in line with Nu Skin’s transparent company culture, displaying activity that would otherwise happen behind walls and doors.

To ensure a balance of vibrancy and privacy in the open layout, a progressive zoning approach was adopted, with social and focus work areas delineated with very different materiality. A setting for team gatherings, the Nu Skin Café is infused with energy and warmth, while a subdued and predominantly white space takes up the opposite end of the office, creating a distraction-free and calm setting. Lower-stimuli team collaboration areas sit in the centre of the office, with phone booths and meeting rooms on the fringes.