RSDA designs Vurve Signature Salon with biophilic elements
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Chennai, India – A destination for relaxation and rejuvenation, Vurve Signature Salon located in Palavakkam, Chennai enunciates splendour in both design and experience. RSDA, a multidisciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design and strategic services across India, have envisaged the two-storeyed space to radiate opulence that serves as an exquisite escape from the humdrum of the city, housing various services that the users can avail.

The entrance to the salon is through an iconic red door that rests against the subtle facade. The lift lobby encountered at the entrance leads to the first floor of the salon. Parametric forms combined with a vibrant theme create an exclusive experience for the visitors while endowing the salon with a distinct identity. The main hallway is a softly lit space with a parametrically-designed ceiling perched on top. The warmth of the wooden floor and concrete textured wall is balanced by the use of bright yellow paint on the ceiling. Grey undertones used on the walls along with warm lights and textures create an earthy vibe, providing a serene ambience to the space

The interior layout of the salon steers away from the traditional box-like arrangement; animated forms have been employed to break the monotony of the cuboidal spaces. The carefully detailed elements are articulated as a design response to functional and architectural requisites. The main styling table has been fabricated as a continuous design element flowing through space, creating fluidity. Coated in yellow paint, the table has also been perceived in a parametric configuration. Originating at the waiting area, the table traverses onto the styling area with seating on both sides. Continuity has been maintained through the use of yellow paint of the counter continuing on the floor, extending onto the counter bar table and ultimately fusing into the ceiling. The parametric design of the table is also reflected on the ceiling suspended on top. The organic forms of the elements have been tailored to maximise the functional and spatial utility. Overhead ceiling-suspended lighting fixtures have been strategically placed to illuminate the spaces, whilst functioning both as task and accent lighting for the salon.

To enhance the rejuvenating experience, biophilic elements have been infused into the design. Plants placed on the counter and on metallic frames against the wall in the waiting area imitates context of our natural surroundings. The walls of the rooms on the upper floor have been equipped with live green wall cladding, naturally lit through a skylight. A terrace garden for recreational activities has been conceived in the design. This outdoor area thrives as a live design element maintaining indoor views as well as providing insulation to the building against heat. The design of the salon re-establishes the connection between humans and nature by means of biophilic design elements and views to the terrace garden.

An innovative material palette has been conceived-Hues of grey and brown have been observed as the overall colour theme. Sustainable materials such as Rubber wood which is considered superior in quality and is environmentally-friendly is used for the reception desk. Rustic brick cladding used for vertical surfaces, compliments the intensity of the yellow paint that is used for the counter and the ceiling.

An attempt has been made to create a holistic experience for the users, through intricately planned design interventions. Distinctive forms and materials have been employed to disrupt monotonous and traditional practices. The integration of efficient configuration and exquisite interior aesthetics can be seen across the design.