Bidadari Alkaff Crescent gets nature-themed playground based on cloud, mountain, sea and wetland elements
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Singapore – Playpoint (Singapore) Pte Ltd has completed a new nature-themed playground for Bidadari Estate based on four natural elements: cloud, mountain, sea and wetland. Within Singapore’s diverse population, one of the key institutions that bind people together, is communal living in HDB communities. A major aspect of that includes shared spaces within these housing enclaves, like void decks and playgrounds, where residents of all ages converge. The Bidadari Estate is a fairly new development and is rising in popularity among young families. Playpoint figured it would only be fitting to build new playgrounds in the estate, which would strengthen communities ties, give the estate its own identity, and give children an exciting play experience. 

This playground project spans across three levels of a large development, and creating a unique identity for the site while giving each playground a distinct and unique theme is challenging. Being an ambitious company, Playpoint wanted a design that is woven between Nature and Bidadari geographical location. This design draws on the embodiment of different realms of nature with elements that are unique to each level as well as each space. Distilling down the latitudes in nature, Playpoint reinvented environments of water, mountains, clouds into play spaces.

Let’s reinterpret and appreciate Nature

Inspired by what was once the old Alkaff Lake Gardens, on the lowest level is a water-themed playground. In line with the water theme, this playground features a gigantic wave structure that captures your attention the moment your gaze lands in that direction. This playground includes wave-like mounds that children can run atop, jump on, and slide down, almost like they are playing in water. There is also a hammock forest for resting and a big trampoline that can make children feel like they are floating. The bright blue hues of this playground, gives the surrounding areas a calming, yet inviting, view, and will complement the new Alkaff Lake which is currently underway.

Similar to the sea-themed playground, the wetland playground draws inspiration from the rich nature surrounding the Bidadari estate. The wetland-themed playground sits at the middle level, and has a water lily flower structure forming the main visual piece. The striking water lily flower also forms a maze-like structure that children can run around. This playground includes multiple ‘lily’ platforms for children to run around, a trampoline, balance ropes, a spinning disk, and a toddler slide. The vivid green of the water lilies and contrasting hot pink of the flower offer a stunning visual sight, even to passers-by and adults supervising children.

Located at the top level are the mountain- and cloud-themed playgrounds, which correspond to the different layers of nature, and provide a different play experience from the two playgrounds at the lower levels. The mountain-themed play area provides a hilly terrain for children to climb and run around. It includes climbing ropes, a mountain slide, a crawling tube maze, spinning disks and a big trampoline. Children can role-play as hikers and mountaineers on this playground as they traverse the hills. While the other playgrounds have more vibrant, outstanding colours, the earthy colour scheme of the mountain-themed playground blends it in and seamlessly integrates it into its natural surroundings.

The last play area is a cloud-themed playground with a huge cloud centrepiece that will definitely not miss your eye. The lighter colour scheme and round arches transform this play area into a bright and visually soothing sky. Inside this gigantic structure, you will also find little bowls for lounging and spinning, a tube slide, and climbing ridges. To layered in more excitement, monkey bars and swings are added for the Drop!

These different play areas offer a variety of play options to children, which is sure to make every play session fun and different. Due to the differentiated spaces, this overall playground plan also minimises congestion at any one play area, and there is more than enough space for children to run around and share facilities. The overarching theme of the playgrounds is a reflection of the abundant nature of the Bidadari Estate, and a nod to the up and coming Alkaff Lake and Bidadari Park.