10 Design Completes Industrial Service Centre in Jinwan Aviation City
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Hong Kong – The Industrial Service Centre provides 54,699 square metres of office space for burgeoning start-up companies and entrepreneurs to collaborate, establishing an incubation platform in the new Jinwan Aviation City Zhuhai, China Designed by 10 Design, the Industrial Service Centre (ISC) is a socially interactive campus community which sits within a wider 3.8 square kilometres masterplan. 

The ISC is an attractive campus that is unique, pragmatic, commercially viable and well-integrated on the site. Inspired by the concept of a flowing stream, a central green landscaped area provides convenient access to all occupiers and connects all buildings.  It also serves as a central pedestrian link, providing a view corridor through the site to the new man-made lake, the primary amenity of the district. Nick Cordingley, Design Partner commented: “Creating opportunities for interaction, collaboration and visibility is an important objective of our masterplan. An extensive green area that runs through the centre of the site becomes the social heart of the entire campus. Each integrated building faces directly to it, further increasing visibility to create a sense of community.”

Each of the three buildings has been designed as paired blocks with a central atrium.   These central atriums provide shared entrances for the office buildings and contain shared meeting rooms and collaboration space to further increase visibility and interaction. 

Flexibility has been positioned at the forefront of the design process. This is accomplished by the creation of adaptable planning modules that allow for multiple tenant configurations, sizes and sectors.