Rotterdam based design team wins ZoHo tender
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – A new creative district where not only existing local businesses and a community of creative professionals, but also a mix in new neighbourhood residents can flourish;

The winning project of the ZoHo tender in Rotterdam's creative district is bound to set new standards for urban living and working. It is designed to be a strong socially inclusive neighbourhood.

The design team – ECHO urban design, Orange Architects, More Architecture, Studio Nauta and MoederscheimMoonen Architects – has adopted an integral approach which led to this winning concept with a strong focus on social inclusivity, as well as climate adaptation.

ZoHo is an area adjacent to Rotterdam’s CBD and Agniese district. In the past decade, creative professionals have turned a brownfield into a lively creative district. This low-rise business area with its own identity needs to be transformed into a mixed neighbourhood to meet the city's urgent densification challenges.