Grand Park City Hall introduces mobile selfie check-in technology, first-of-its-kind in Singapore
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Singapore – Park Hotel Group’s flagship property, Grand Park City Hall is the first hotel in Singapore to launch facial recognition technology for check-in on mobile, integrating advanced technology to enhance and create a seamless experience from pre-arrival through to checkout. The mobile application utilises WIFI, Bluetooth and location services, allowing guests to check-in on the go and skip the queue at the front desk with the quick capture of a selfie, effectively reducing the standard check-in process from five minutes to an impressive one minute. The fully customised mobile application which has been co-developed with Singapore-based start-up GTRIIP, will allow guests to customise their stay with the following touchpoints:

- Securely complete pre-arrival registration and share service preference information before arriving at the lobby
- Expedite the check-in process by swiftly tapping a button to communicate and verifying guest identities through their mobile phones
- Enabling the user’s personal mobile phone to be used as a secure mobile key access, as well as in-room electronic controller for room amenities such as lighting, the television and air-conditioning
- Instant in-app messaging to directly connect with the hotel concierge
- Pre-select preferred room and floor 48 hours in advance based on guest needs such as after verdant views or near-elevator room access

Hotel guests can still request for a physical key card or request for a temporary mobile device from the front desk with the application pre-loaded for guests not wishing to download it on their phones.