Pool Design Awards 2 (WEBTORIAL)
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Whether they be residential, public (municipal), or in tourist facilities such as hotels, leisure centres or camp sites, pools have become features that add significant value to real-estate projects. It is to showcase the creativity and technical prowess displayed by architects when they design exceptional pools that the Pool Design Awards competition has been created in the context of the Piscine Global Europe exhibition, the leading event for professionals in the sector, which brought together 596 exhibitors and close to 18,000 visitors in 2016. 

Discover the projects that were awarded prizes during the 2016 competition.

In the “Most beautiful residential pool” category
At the heart of a historic residential area in Düsseldorf, architect Holger Mauerer (Architekt BDA BSW) has created a surprising pool. Due to constructional restrictions in the area, the pool could only be built underground. The foundations had to be reinforced, old galleries needed to be filled and the groundwater pumped out. The mural decorations represented a big challenge. Long walls with no windows were required. The architect chose to make the blue colour predominant to create an effect of infinity. Trompe l’oeil paintings were given preference over mosaics and other mural techniques. A very soothing atmosphere was created by careful use of colours and lighting.

In the “Most beautiful tourist/leisure pool” category
This project is located in an aquatic centre called “Les Sources du Haut Plateau”, which is located in mountains at an altitude of 1,117 metres, in the village of Saint Bonnet de Froid in the Haute Loire department (central France). The objective of architect Lionel Thabaret (107 Architecture) was to draw his inspiration from the surrounding landscape. The internal walls create canyons made of grey stained pattern-imprinted concrete with cascades flowing down them. Natural light is exploited thanks to glazed roof panels and a bay window with immersed glazing offering stunning views across the valley.

In the “Most innovative pool” category
This pool was imagined by Magalie Munters (OOA | Office O architects). The concrete pool is lined with a polyester coating. The shallow part has been developed for children, with concrete steps giving access to the rest of the pool. The pool is marked out by the polished concrete surface of the terrace, which also makes up the poolside area.

In the “Most beautiful public pool” category
The Noorderparkbad pool was designed by architecture firm Architekten Cie with the aim of blending it into the landscape by breaking down the usual big volumes of traditional pools thanks to a rain curtain and a choice of soft shapes. The indoor atmosphere is designed to be reminiscent of traditional public baths. Elements such as enclosed spaces and the use of materials such as wood create a warm atmosphere. The architects had the ambition of designing a sustainable pool through their choice of materials and insulation techniques.

In the “Most beautiful renovated pool” category
Architect Martin Reimer (4A Architekten) was commissioned with renovating the Leonberg sports centre, which was built in the seventies. Despite having been redeveloped and the glazed facades removed, the pool has kept its triangular roof and the external appearance of the building has only been slightly modified. For the purpose of optimising the functional aspects and the atmosphere of the centre, new layout drawings were created and the internal routes were modified.

Are you an architect who has already completed some exceptional pool projects? Come and present one! You might be the next winner of this competition. You have until 15th May 2018 to submit your entry via, where you can also find the competition procedures and regulations. For more information, contact Clarisse Achard at tel (+33) 4 78 176 350 or email