Inaugural Archi-Skin Design Competition unveils winners
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Singapore – The results of the inaugural Archi-Skin Design Competition organised by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) in partnership with Luxx Newhouse Group, have been announced at an award ceremony held on 8 March 2018. 

Three honourable mentions were selected by the jury panel consisting of Mr. Ashvinkumar, Past President and Chairperson for Design Competition Committee of Singapore Institute of Architects; Associate Professor Eric L’Heureux, Lecturer of the NUS Department of Architecture and Mr. Jimmy Tong, President of Luxx Newhouse Group.

Category 1 – Completed Projects
Project title: The Edge
Architectural Firm: HB Design
Team members: Hans David Brouwer, Jan Appelman, Nalinee Paitchouy
Award: Honourable Mention with prize money of 3000 SGD

Category 2A – Conceptual Design by Professional 
Project title: Corrigarden
Architectural firm: A.M. Architects
Team members: Shane Ang Chee Sheng
Award: Honourable Mention

Category 2B – Conceptual Design by Student 
Project title: Ramp
School: National University of Singapore
Student name: Fong Shi Yuan
Award: Honourable Mention with prize money of 1000 SGD

The winning entries of the Archi-Skin Design Competition were exhibited at SIA Building from 8 to 15 March 2018.