WEBTORIAL: Why ebm-papst the Leading Provider of Energy Saving Solutions for Air-Con Systems
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The ebm-papst group is the leading German manufacturer of fans and motors with over 50 years of experience in providing fan solutions in various segments such as Ventilation and Refrigeration. ebm-papst has been operating over 49 sales offices worldwide and Southeast Asia is one of its key markets. The subsidiary ebm-papst SEA Pte Ltd manages the market with over 22 years of experience.

Thanks to the development of a new series of EC motor technology that is superior in terms of energy efficiency compared to the conventional AC, ebm-papst is now in a position to upgrade ventilation fans in air-conditioning systems with conventional AC motors with highly efficient EC technology with the same mechanical design. It is basically the same process as for old 100 W bulbs. These can be upgraded to energy-saving lamps, which fit in the same holders. With many global upgrading success stories in various parts of the world, our products have proven to increase energy efficiency significantly when compared to old AC motor based fans. 

Upgrading existing air-conditioning systems to include GreenTech EC fans will help buildings meet the Singapore Building Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark for Non-Residential Existing Buildings 2017 (GM ENRB:2017) standard under the criteria of Air-Conditioning System Operating Efficiency*

*For more information about BCA Green Mark see:

In Adelaide, Australia, the successful upgrading of the inefficient belt driven AC fan on their Air Handling Unit (AHU) to GreenTech EC fan on the 14th floor of the government-owned Wakefield Building resulted in a 50 percent reduction in energy usage, 20 percent increase in cooling capacity and 10 percent increase in airflow available. The positive results prompted the South Australian Government to roll out the upgrading on the other remaining 18 floors in the building. 

*For more information about the successful EC upgrading works at Wakefield Building:

While in Birmingham, UK, the Birmingham Airport that has a yearly traffic of 13 million passengers, had to upgrade the fan air-conditioning system for the check-in area due to the broken down AC motor of the existing fan. ebm-papst recommended the EC FanGrid solution, comprising of five GreenTech EC centrifugal fans. Not only is the design energy efficient, it also prevent whole system failure. If one fan were to fail, the remaining four can compensate for the loss and continue to deliver the air volume required. This upgrading resulted in a 58 percent reduction in energy usage.

*For more information about the successful EC upgrading works at Birmingham Airport:

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