BRAVAT is the center of attention at 2017 Shanghai International Kitchen and Bathroom show
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Approaching the future trends of life while maintaining the concept of “enjoying your life while understanding your life," Germany BRAVAT continued to improve the way of people’s lives. In the ineractive shows, BRAVAT introduced the integration of powerful design, R&D and services with the launch of "Beranger Smith Barney" (“贝朗美邦”), a wood storage system product line that focuses on customer needs. At the same time, BRAVAT commenced a new image debut in 2017 Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath show, to meet the brand in the future development stage of the profound demands. 

Excellent design, design for the future

The main focus for BRAVAT is to promote the attitude of stylish lifestyle. During the Kitchen & Bath China 2017, BRAVAT focused on the concept of “Enjoy the life, create greatest future”, combining new and unique design ideas which explores the unique culture of Germany for the better future.

To the future, inspired by the art of inspiration

Winning the 2017 International Industrial Design Red Award, Nizza is set in the bathroom space art and hails from an inspired blend of bathroom boutique, a natural rainbow arc and soft daylight. The Nizza series of faucets combined with ergonomic principles gives users the most comfortable operating experience. The handle can be switched from cold to hot and can be applied to different basins to avoid handling interference.

As a multiple-award winner, with the BRAVAT Equatre electronic tap having won the IF 2016、Red Dot 2016 and IDEA 2017 Finalist, the minimalist Equatre delivers four water types - hot, cold, boiling, filtered - from just one sprout thanks to its world leading technology.

Enjoy the life, create greatest future for daily lifestyle

Awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017, Ozero is a simple yet unique product. The easy to approach designed handle can be used to turn on/off and adjust temperature accurately. It can be controlled by the back of our hands or any parts of our arms. No more oil or direct contact with the mixer, no need to touch the handle with our cleaned hands after washing.

The Exact-7 provides a self-adjust temperature function. User can adjust the temperature on different needs. By the “quick start” bottom and easily control this function. At the same time, it is also be an eco-friendly purpose. It combines the self-adjust temperature function with it product. The red rubber on the surface represent the temperature is on 38℃ which enhances the touch sensor and reminds the user that 38℃ is the best water temperature.

Enjoy life - enjoy a technologically stylish lifestyle

The newly unveiled BRAVAT 1 + N comes equipped with a bathroom cabinet, beauty box and a variety storage cabinet. It sets to revolutionize with its combination of forward-looking design concepts, backed with high-quality research and resources to focus on the details of the storage space. With the BRAVAT 1 + N's induction into the bathroom, the space will reflect a new height of home aesthetics, boldly entering a new era of storage trends and standards.

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