Cosentino Expands Its Bath Collection With the New Silence and Reflection Washbasins
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Cosentino Group, the Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, is at the forefront of innovation by launching Silence and Reflection, two new wash basins in the Cosentino Bath Collection.

Under concepts of elegance, beauty, purity, straight lines and a modern, natural style, the two new wash basins cater to the most modern design environments for both private and public use.

Silence and Reflection are new additions to the revolutionary Cosentino Bath collection, characterised by the custom made large format concept. Here are the different elements, made from Silestone, which are modulated to adapt to the space, creating beautiful environments with few pieces in one material.

With addition of Silence and Reflection, the collection now boasts a total of ten wash basin models (Elegance, Armony, Balance, Equilibrium, Symmetry, Basic, Simplicity, Exclusive, Silence and Reflection), which are custom made and that can measure from 40 cm to 60 cm wide and from 80 cm to 280 cm long.

Cosentino Bath Collection also includes a line of seven models of shower trays (Ducal, Kador, Fresh, Doppio, Freccia, Bubbles and Simplicity), which are also custom made and can measure up to 130 cm wide and from 75 cm to 200 cm long.
This bath line also offers other features such as tiling, flooring, cladding, benches, apron, bathtubs, skirting boards, among others, allowing usres to use Silestone for the entire room.

Silestone, a world leader in quartz surfaces, is a material that possesses physical and mechanical characteristics, including a bacteriostatic property that makes it ideal for the bathroom, where hygiene is essential. The Cosentino Bath Collection is available in all Silestone colours, and in all the colours of ECO by Cosentino, the recycled line of surfaces by Cosentino.

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