FEEL the difference: WETSTYLE’s collection of customizable shower bases lay textured luxury at your feet
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WETSTYLE, a manufacturer of premium-quality bath fixtures and furnishings for the North American market, proudly unveils the stylish look and textured sensation of its FEEL collection of pre-cast shower bases. With its single slab construction and customizable availability, FEEL embodies the leading edge of shower base design and installation by leveraging refined moulding techniques that enable textures to be replicated on shower base surfaces. The result is the clean, sleek, natural stone appearance of WETSTYLE’s FEEL collection.


“Newly refined manufacturing techniques have filled in the gap between previously uninspiring pre-cast shower bases and expensive, complicated tiled-in solutions,” says Mark Wolinsky, President of WETSTYLE. “The ability to custom-cut the pre-cast bases also makes them compatible with odd-sized or unique spaces, where tiled-in shower bases were previously the only available option.”


Advancing the state-of-the-art

Developed from an innovative, high-density stone and resin composite, the FEEL collection realistically replicates textures of concrete and slate. Complementing the collection’s textured look and feel, single slab composition significantly reduces laborious installation time and costs associated with traditional acrylic or tile-based shower floors. Additionally, FEEL shower bases are plumbing-code compliant and are fitted to North American market standards, with ample surrounding flat edges to allow for installation of standard shower enclosures.


“Tiled-in showers require several days of work by a variety of tradesmen, which can be a very expensive proposition,” notes Édouard Bourgault-Parisé, WETSTYLE’s Creative and Marketing Director. “Pre-cast FEEL shower bases can be installed within a day, by a single team, which dramatically reduces both time and cost.”


FEEL’s one-piece construction also reduces the risk of water leaks associated with multi-layered tiled-in solutions. With no seams, joints, or grout, FEEL’s barrier-free construction eliminates the need for waterproof membranes, hot mopping, and slope construction.


A variety of standard and customizable options

The shower bases are available in neutral shades of white, grey, and black, with supplied drain covers matched in texture and colour that seamlessly blend for a unified look. For medium and large-scale projects, FEEL’s dimensions, colours, drain grids, textures, and even logos can be fully customized. The bases can be pre-cut in standard sizes at the WETSTYLE factory, or custom-cut on site to accommodate non-standard dimensions, angled walls, or obstructing columns.


Complementing its alluring aesthetics and functional pragmatism, the ADA-compliant Feel collection embraces safety and wellbeing and features anti-slip textures and ISO-NPG-H certified antibacterial/anticorrosion treatment. Additionally, with no grout lines, the shower bases significantly reduce soap scum buildup and are easy to clean using a mild and neutral cleaning agent. FEEL’s durability and uniformity of colour and composition also ensures easy repair of scratches or chips, without the lingering visual scars of traditional cracked tile repairs.


“Since introducing our CUBE collection in 2002, WETSTYLE products have been at the forefront of North American bathroom trends,” adds Édouard Bourgault-Parisé. “FEEL is a continuation of that positioning and introduces a collection reflective of European design, yet perfectly adapted to North American standards and tastes.”