Barghest Building Performance (BBP) selects Kinetica Active Analytics powered by NVIDIA GPUs to harness the power of building sensor data
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Singapore – Barghest Building Performance (BBP), a Singapore-based energy efficiency technology provider, announced it has selected the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform and Kinetica Cloud to accelerate the data analytics behind its building energy optimisation offerings. Kinetica will produce visuals of streaming and historical datasets once considered too large and cumbersome to process in real-time. Accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs, Kinetica Active Analytics will provide dynamic insights in the moment, allowing BBP team members and customers to make data-based decisions regarding energy usage, maintenance, and comfort.

BBP provides energy optimisation to companies in the hospitality, industrial, office, and retail sectors in South East Asia, India, and China, and is committed to delivering innovative technology and attractive financing solutions to help their customers reach their energy efficiency goals. BBP will use the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform to identify anomalies, skews in building metrics, and possible faults with equipment, enabling predictive maintenance and delivering optimised performance with lower energy consumption.

Both Kinetica and BBP have been accredited by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). BBP uses data to deliver energy efficiency to their customers and is able to reduce energy consumption up to 40 percent. The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform will enable BBP to extract unique insights from live data and fine tune algorithmic parameters for continuous improvement in performance.