Lapitec, a unique material for design and architecture
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Lapitec is the material of the future: 100 percent Made in Italy, elegant, sustainable and highly performant.

With an expanding marketplace boasting more than 70 countries and a long list of international awards to its name, Lapitec is one of the most interesting case studies in the design world in recent years, especially considering that the first slab of the material went on the market in 2012, just eight years ago. Lapitec was created in Veneto, Italy, in 1989 from an entrepreneurial idea of Marcello Toncelli, and after more than 20 years of scientific research, tests and certifications, a revolutionary product was born which is 100 percent Made in Italy and offers unique performance qualities.

The nature of the product

The success of the product is based on a combination of features that respond perfectly to market trends, as well as an obvious focus on sustainability, both in the raw materials used and the stages of the production process. Lapitec is a mixture of 100 percent natural minerals, which when baked at high temperatures produce “full body” slabs: the exterior and interior are identical, without enamel or digital printing on the surface. This feature allows Lapitec to be machined across its full thickness while ensuring consistent appearance and performance as well as avoiding the use of resins, inks, and other petroleum derivatives.

The versatility of Lapitec

With an innovative technology supported by 25 patents, Lapitec offers design versatility, and the guarantee of an excellent aesthetic result combined with optimum technical performance. Lapitec slabs, 3365 mm in length, are available in three collections, 17 colours and seven different surface textures, and can also be customised. They are used not only as an indoor and outdoor surface covering, but also for rooftops, yachts, swimming pools and product design, from tables to consoles and from bathrooms to kitchens, where the total absence of porosity of the surface makes Lapitec ideal in terms of hygiene and ease of maintenance. 

Lapitec is a valuable material that is suitable to numerous uses, the ideal support for international architects and designers In recent years Lapitec slabs have been used for public buildings, residential complexes, infrastructure, places of worship and marine applications, but also for the creation – in collaboration with other design brands – of kitchens, outdoor furniture, tables and next generation technologies.

30 years on from the invention of Lapitec, the company – now run by the third generation under the leadership of Marcello Toncelli's grandson of the same name – is expanding its product range with ever more innovative solutions in the field of kitchens and living spaces. This is also through the technological partnership with the parent company Breton, a world leader in the production of plants for machining stone materials and natural agglomerates, which guarantees the reliability of the production chain.