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SmartMetric To Unveil Its Multi-Function Biometric Cyber Security Card Along With Its Biometric Credit Card At Money 20/20 Conference

SmartMetric, the manufacturer of the SmartMetric Biometric Credit Card will be showing its new multi-function Biometric Cyber Security Card and Access Control Card at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas next week from the 23 to 25 October at the Venetian Sands Exhibition Center.

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Gemalto and Ledger Join Forces to Provide Security Infrastructure for Cryptocurrency Based Activities

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, and Ledger, a leader in security and infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, today announced a technology partnership to deliver high-assurance security infrastructure for crypto assets applications.

The joint Gemalto and Ledger solution consists an integration of Ledger's unique Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System (BOLOS) into Gemalto's industry-leadingSafeNet Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide a secure environment for financial institutions looking to leverage cryptocurrency. The solution enables a variety of use cases, such as launching investable products on cryptocurrencies, or stocking cryptocurrencies securely.

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Hong Kong to Launch New ‘Electronic Identification’ As Part of ‘Smart City’ Blueprint

Hong Kong residents can expect to be issued with a new “electronic identification” within the next two years as part of plans to build a “smart city” and boost data security, according to the government’s technology chief.

Secretary for Innovation and Technology Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung said the “e-ID” would allow Hongkongers easier access to online services offered by the government and stronger safeguards of their personal data.

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Istanbul Municipality Floats Security-Laden Taxis for Smart City

Dubai - Making their way from Istanbul Municipality to GITEX 2017 were iTaksi, which exhibitors are engaging authorities in Dubai to try out for their “unprecedented security measures that enhance safety for drivers and riders.”One of the main features of iTaksi are the cameras that “can capture and store video without making sound.

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Axis to Showcase Smart City Security Technology at Barcelona Expo

Axis Communications will demonstrate their cutting edge Smart city technology at Smart City Expo World Congress, 14-16 November, in Barcelona.

The Smart city products to go on display will relate to cameras and sensors, both of which increase the security of cities rapidly expanding and broadening their connectivity.Smart cities increase liveability and improve the management of the city’s assets. A key part of the smart city concept is that of a safe city, where authorities strive to reduce crime rates and provide citizens with a lasting sense of security.

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Dubai Airport is Going to Use Face-Scanning Virtual Aquariums as Security Checkpoints

The first facial recognition tunnel will be installed by the end of summer 2018

Dubai International Airport has come up with a novel way for departing travelers to clear security: by walking through a virtual aquarium lined with facial recognition cameras.According to a report from The National, the virtual aquarium is shaped like a tunnel, and outfitted with 80 cameras that can scan faces and irises as passengers walk through. The images inside the tunnel can be changed to show different landscapes, like deserts, or to display advertisements. Once a traveler reaches the end, they’ll either be cleared with the message “have a nice trip,” or a red sign will be displayed to alert security.

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Venues, Hotels Consider New Security Measures After Las Vegas Massacre

The mass shooting outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas has turned the spotlight on security concerns at outdoor venues and special events across America.

Janet Jackson fans flocked to the iconic Hollywood Bowl Sunday for the pop star’s sold out show. They took pictures while police scanned the crowd, watched the perimeter and checked approaching vehicles.

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Delta Pilots Biometric Boarding

US Carrier Pioneers New-Gen Air Travel Security System

A major United States airline has introduced biometric passenger boarding on a trial basis. Pending successful results, the system could be much more widely rolled-out.Through ever-advancing development and ever-expanding deployment, biometric airport security is edging closer to becoming the new passenger screening standard. Long-established US carrier Delta Air Lines’ adoption of the technology is especially novel. It’s introduced a new passenger boarding system that’s wholly fingerprint-based.

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GJD to Showcase Advanced IP and Laser Technology at the First Dahua Technology Showcase Event

GJD, one of Dahua’s UK Technology Partners is proud to announce it is exhibiting at Dahua’s first Technology Showcase event on Tuesday 17th October at Lillibrooke Manor, Maidenhead. GJD will demonstrate seamless detection integration with its range of IP-based outdoor detectors and illuminators with Dahua Technology’s network video recorders. GJD will also present its award winning laser technology and show how it is helping to protect sensitive sites, such as prisons and airports from increasingly popular drone intrusion.

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Built-In Intelligence for All-New AUTODOME IP 4000i and 5000i Cameras from Bosch Opens A New Chapter For Applications Beyond Security

Until now, level of detail has been the key quality parameter for surveillance cameras, as clear images at all times was the most important feature for high security. True, security personnel must see all relevant information in great detail to react quickly and take appropriate action. But what if a moving object leaves the camera’s field of view?